Bronco Bill's lament

Uitvoerende(n): Don McLean
Tekst: Don McLean

I could've been most anything I put my mind to be,
But a cowboy's life was the only life for me.
It's a strong man's occupation ridin' herd and livin' free,
But strong men often fail where shrewd men can prevail,
I'm an old man now with nothin' left to say
But oh god how I worked my youth away.

Well you may not recognize my face -- I used to be a star,
A cowboy hero known both near and far.
I perched upon a silver mount and sang with my guitar,
But the studio, of course, owned my saddle and my horse
But that six-gun on the wall belongs to me
Oh god I can't live a memory.

You know I'd like to put my finger on that trigger once again,
And point that gun at all the prideful men.
All the voyeurs and the lawyers who can pull a fountain pen,
And put you where they choose with the language that they use
And enslave you till you work your youth away
Oh god how I worked my youth away.

Whoo-pee ty yi-oh, whoo-pee ty yi-ay,
One man's work is another man's play
Oh god how I worked my youth away.

You see I always liked the notion of a cowboy fighting crime,
This photograph was taken in my prime
I could beat those desperados but there's no sense fightin' time,
But the singing was a ball
'Cause I'm not musical at all
I moved my lips to someone else's voice.


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